Preservation New Jersey and its 1867 Sanctuary at Ewing Committee is committed to pursuing this mission, and raising the funds necessary to re-open the building, so that it may once again host weddings, dedications and funerals, small theatrical productions, exhibits, and all types of musical performances and events identified by public input through our Adaptive Reuse study.

While it’s very clear that we must have some “major” sources of funding, we continue to need matching funds for the capital projects that will be needed over the long term to fully accommodate the intended uses for the building, as well as sufficient funds to cover yearly operating costs of roughly $25,000/year ($18,000 for insurance alone while the building is “vacant”, and the rest for utilities, operating and fund raising expenses; no 1867 Committee member receives any compensation for our efforts). PNJ does NOT have this money! Without the continuing support of the community, we could not continue this effort, or demonstrate to possible funders the continuing interest by and support of the community to bringing this work to completion.

We greatly appreciate your support of our work!