For information, please  email us at 1867sanctuary@preservationnj.org or call Dale at: 609-392-6409 (leave a message if you need to!!! We will call back as soon as possible!)

There are many ways you can help support the 1867 Sanctuary:

Events and Fund Raising

Event Volunteer – Assistance is always needed during our concerts to help with parking and crossing at the cross walk, assembling and distributing programs, greeting and admitting patrons, setting up intermission snacks and anything else that might come up. This is your opportunity to “work” the evening one or two nights a month while having the benefit of enjoying that night’s performance. Arrive 45 minutes before the event and leave once all patrons have departed.

Special Events VolunteerDo you like to plan events? Can you contribute fund raising ideas for maintaining the 1867 Sanctuary? Are parties “your thing?” Your ideas and planning ability – including coordinating the event and taking the lead – will help to keep the 1867 Sanctuary in the public eye and provide fund raising activities for the community to attend. 

Marketing Specialist – Are creative flyers and brochures your specialty? Do you like distributing them as much as you like making them? You can help post notices of upcoming events to online listings and newspapers, or help to update our marquee and (coming soon!) lobby monitor. Help us market the 1867 Sanctuary and expand its audience as well as keep its name in the community.

Public RelationsWorking with the Marketing Specialist, help spread the word about upcoming events – concerts, activities, and special fundraising campaigns. If you like to talk it up, this could be the position for you!

The 1867 Facility

Handy Andy – Can you do small repairs? Help lift and carry things? Check that everything is working? Wait for a delivery? If you have a flexible schedule, this could be the perfect opportunity for you to oversee facility issues. You don’t have to be able to “fix it,” but you’ll need to be able to recognize a problem.

Super Sprucer – Do you like to work outside? There’s always work to do, including weeding outside of the building, periodic power washing of the concrete sidewalk, and assisting with the removal of leaves, ice and snow. Generally 1-2 hours per week.

The Runner – Do you have some free time? Like to shop? This person will pick up goods as needed – toilet paper, water, printer ink or whatever. Not an overwhelmingly busy position, so you’d probably want to combine it with something else….maybe work with Handy Andy!


Membership CoordinatorFind new members, keep track of current members, and help with yearly membership renewals.

Mailing and EmailingSpecial fundraising campaigns, year-end solicitations, membership renewal: these are all ways we increase our funding – but we need to send letters and emails to the people who want to contribute! Fold letters, stamp envelopes or simply send email blasts – this could be the role for you!

Social MediaAre you a skilled Facebook or Twitter guru? Help get the word out about 1867 Sanctuary Events – work closely with the Event Coordinator so you are up to date with what is coming.

1867 Sanctuary Specialists

Grant WritingCan you research grants that could help the preservation and operating expenses of the building? Can you find grants to help with the arts programming? If so, you can help in our fundraising in big ways! Grant experience is required for this work.

Coordinator of VolunteersDo you like working with people? Help attract volunteers and make them feel welcome and able to be a part of 1867! Assist with training (if needed) for whatever position they would like to do. Make sure there are sufficient volunteers scheduled for each performance or event and if not, call and bring in more help! This is a few hour per week position.

Outreach VolunteerDo you have contacts in the corporate world? Like to meet with companies that might want to sponsor an event or project through ads, underwriting, or other benefits/services? Have a passion for community involvement and want to attract others to jump in and support our arts and culture center? This is the position for you….bring your social skills and ideas and help us cultivate relationships and sponsorships within the larger community of business leaders and corporations.

Event AssistantHelp with coordinating upcoming events by making sure performers have provided information and photos for social media and other advertising in a timely manner, completed any paperwork needed (W9), provided posters or CDs they wish to display during their performance and other duties as they occur. This position will work with the Event Coordinator.


Do you have a skill that would help increase 1867 audiences, create new fundraising opportunities or help with our current operation? Then please call and share with us what you would like to do. VOLUNTEERS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME!


Stop in during a weekend event and speak with one of the 1867 Volunteers!

Call Dale at: 609-392-6409 (leave a message if you need to!!! We will call back as soon as possible!)