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Skinny Mamie

October 13, 2019 @ 2:00 pm

Preservation New Jersey welcomes the nine piece Skinny Mamie band for their first performance at the 1867 Sanctuary.

“Skinny Mamie (www.skinnymamie.com) is the ULTIMATE Rhythm and Blues, Rock and Soul Throwback Experience ! We work very hard to cover the greatest tunes ever written.  We guarantee that you’ll be reminiscing to a place and time all but forgotten.”

Our Story

“We were all so very lucky to grow up in the 1960’s and 1970’s. It was a time where change was on the horizon. Things were happening like our youth were being sent overseas to foreign lands to fight wars that made no logical sense to anyone.  We were right in the middle of a revolution.  Students were protesting our Gov’t, protesting for equal rights, protesting the war, protesting against corruption at all levels of the Federal Government. From the negative energy surrounding all the protests, came a new era.  People channeled that energy into song writing and musical composition.  This great musical movement gave us such a vast library of new songs that will eventually be covered up in time.  The Skinny Mamie Organization is on a mission to uncover these tunes, and keep them alive.”

Joe Field

Joe Field was born the youngest of 5. “I grew up listening to my parents Big Bands, my sister’s Doo Wop, my brothers Soul and Rock and Roll. All have been great influences. I got a play drum set on Christmas, at age 6, because, according to my mother, I was always tapping on things. At the age of 14 I got my first real drum set, and so it began. At 16 I was playing in my brother’s friends studio, doing originals. From the age of 18 on I’ve been in different bands, playing anything from Pop, New Wave and everything in between, playing locally and in Jersey. Now, I play with some guys I have known for many years and some guys and a gal I just met, but are now lifetime friends in Skinny Mamie.”

Dave D’Emidio

In 1980, Dave D’Emidio went into a local music store and there was a Hofner Beatle bass for sale. “I fell in love with it. Having trying unsuccessfully to learn to play guitar for a few years, my attention was now on learning the bass. I took lessons from Vince at A-Z Music. In 1981, I went to Penn State to complete my undergraduate degree. While there, I played in the band named “Youth-in Asia” that played mostly Rock and Punk based songs. While back in Bristol PA, I then took musical theory and harmony instructions from famed Bucks County musical legend, Bucky Harris. I was then a member of a band named “Union Jack” that played songs from the British Invasion era. In 1985 I moved to Maui, Hawaii and played in and on various party boats and other venues. I had the distinction to take lessons from Ed “the Professor” Connor and played with famed Hawaiian Singer and Guitarist, Willie Kahaiaili’. While in Hawaii I suffered an industrial accident that ended my musical career. After nearly a 30 year hiatus from playing, I met my old friend John Marshall at a class reunion who re-kindled my interest in playing bass. I then took musical theory and bass lessons from Bass Master Fred Vandenburg and joined the band ‘Skinny Mamie’ in 2015. It has taken me half of my lifetime to learn the intricacies of my idols, which include John Entwistle, Jaco Pastorious and John Paul Jones. Their influences can be heard in my playing.”

Doug Chambers

Doug Chambers “started with good genes. Thanks mom, and Jesus. I can’t leave him out on Easter. I became inspired, by listening to my mom sing along to Connie Francis and Barbara Striesand. At an early age, Mom met my step father, Lou Fioravanti, who in his day was a performer and Elvis impersonator . So, long story short, there were always guitars laying around. My older brother played Elvis. The Jackson 5 and The Osmond Brothers were all playing on the radio or TV. I spent a lot of time hanging out at the JWM house, playing and singing. Or John would be playing and us singing. And, too, there’s the memory of listening to Mr. Marshall singing and playing “Have You Ever Been to Spain”. The jam sessions on the Marshall’s back porch were always great and inspiring. Before that, I started singing in grade school and joined Miss Amesteady’s choir. In fifth grade, I was proud to have been given a solo in the play ‘Oliver’. But got in trouble one week before the show, and was kicked out. Then in 6th grade I was a good boy and had a solo in ‘Fiddler on the Roof’. I never really did much musically, other than whose ever house I was at, and there was a guitar in the corner to play. I’ve seen a lot of great bands in my teen and adult years. All the while, deep down, knowing someday I will try to do something musically. So, finally after getting married and raising three daughters, I started playing in a band called Del Val, with my brother on bass and vocals. It has all lead me to the all inspiring musicians of the ‘Skinny Mamie’ Band, led by my life-long friend, John Marshall.”

Bob McGuire

Bob McGuire (Bobby Mac) is a 56 year old veteran, born in NYC, raised in the U. S. V. I. “I have lived in Bristol since 1993, and am the proud father of 5 wonderful, now adult, children. Playing music has been a hobby of mine since 1973 which includes concert events, marching and stage bands. Aside from my music, I currently work as a public and private electrician. This band has been fanning the flames of a long dreamt passion! SKINNIE MAMIE ROCKS!”

Tony Angellilli

Tony Angellilli, born in Bristol, September 4, 1964, “grew up and lived in Levittown, Pennsylvania until I was eleven, and then moved to Bristol, PA. While in high school, I was active in Marching Band, Stage Band, Orchestra, School Plays, Basketball, and Baseball. After I graduated Bristol High School in 1982, I attended the University of Las Vegas from 1982-84 and majored in Music, Composition/Arranging. In 1990, I married Theresa Maiorino and we have two sons, Anthony, ‘97, and Michael, ‘98. I have been employed at Abington/Jefferson Hospital since 1991. I joined ‘Skinny Mamie’ in June of 2017, after a long hiatus from playing the keyboard. I’m having an ABSOLUTE BLAST with this group of talented musicians and great people!!”

Sam Serrano, Jr.

Says Sam Serrano Jr., “I heard the noise coming out of the American Legion hall, and asked if I could join. They said yes! I joined the local Drum and Bugle Corp., and was 7 years marching elbow to elbow with what became good friend, still play with them at 63 years of age. Joined the Senior Corp., at the age of 18, and now playing with two alumni Corps., some 40 years later, and also playing with The Skinny Mamie project; pushing the envelope, as they say, playing great songs and driving the beat. Growing up playing marches and pop songs, I am a big fan of good rock and roll too. Having spent a lot of times in many military camps along east coast, I learned about commitment and honor, and being part of a team. It’s an honor playing with Skinny Mamie, and hope to continue to do so.”

Steve Kates, Jr.

Steve Kates Jr has been playing trumpet and teaching brass music for most of his life. A proud graduate of Archbishop Ryan’s high school music program, he loves playing next to his dad, Steve Sr., on the saxophone. He also enjoys walks on the beach and writing about himself in the third person.

Loraine Myers

“L. L.” (Loraine Lorenz Myers) “can’t remember a time when music was not an intricate part of my life. Most babies come out of the womb crying. Rumor has it, I came out singing. It’s all I ever wanted to do. When I was 11, my parents bought me my first guitar and I took lessons at Clyde Peters School of Music for a short time. There was always music in my house growing up, and from every genre. Both of my parents sang, and my dad played the electric bass and sang lead vocals in his band “The Emanon’s”, during the 70’s. My guitar playing and music, in general, were put on the back burner while raising my two children. It wasn’t until 2001 when I’d met someone who shared my extreme love of music, encouraged me to play my guitar again. Since then, I have played and sang with various friends and musical partners over the course of my lifetime. I am a self-proclaimed, singer-songwriter and enjoy any opportunity to share my music with those I love, and with anyone who might care to listen or even play along. I’ve played in bars, and open mics, senior centers, churches, schools, and the like, and even for a few of my close friend’s private parties. But, even with all of those experiences and with the many talented musicians I’ve met along my journey, somehow I never found the right mix for me to be ‘in a band’. So, O ‘SOLO’ Mia! Until…at the tail end of 2017, at the suggestion of my friend, the amazing jazz bassist, Fred Vandenberg, I was invited by John Marshall, to sing backing vocals with this amazing band, ‘Skinny Mamie’. I am truly honored and blessed to be part of this great group of warm, caring and talented musicians. Yep! Fasten your seatbelts and let it RIDE!”

John Marshall

John Marshall, “as one of six kids, I started this musical journey when my parents piled us into the station wagon to take us to see “A Hard Days Night” at the drive-in. I was four years old, and remember it still. Mom and dad had a vast record collection, of both rock and country music. Dad was a guitar player and would host his buddies in our kitchen till the wee hours of the morning, drinking and playing honky tonk.

“I finally became inspired to play at the age of fifteen, when I saw a friends band playing. Although we were poor, my dad bought me a guitar, and since there was no money for lessons, I bought a beginners book and I was off studying guitar. I found huge inspirations in listening to the guitar solos of Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Jimmie Page, David Gilmour and Mark Knopfler. I studied guitar more than my school studies. I stopped playing for awhile to raise my family. I continue to study the instrument today, nearly 43 years later. I’ll be a student of the instrument forever. I’m inspired by improvisation. I fear the world in its absence.”

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October 13, 2019
2:00 pm
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