We always welcome inquiries from artists seeking to perform or exhibit in the 1867 Sanctuary!

Our overall mission is to sustain the historic 1867 Sanctuary,  and to provide a venue for artists to perform for the community at a reasonable price. Therefore, we maintain an active schedule to provide opportunities for artists who can draw those audiences and revenues which help to sustain the operations and enhancement of the historic landmark 1867 Sanctuary, while simultaneously supporting the community of artists.

Performances are typically slightly less than two hours long, consisting of two sets of approximately 40 minutes and an intermission. This can vary by performance. Exhibitions of visual arts are invited, but we are currently minimally equipped to support them (please inquire!).

Performers may rent the venue and keep all proceeds, but we most commonly split the box office ticket revenue 50/50 and allow performers to keep 100% of their sales of CDs and other merch.

While the artists are primarily responsible for marketing and promoting their events, we complement these efforts through monthly display ads, calendar listings in print, digital and broadcast media, an extensive email list and a similarly large following on social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram).

It must be understood that we are a relatively new venue, and are still developing audiences for the various genres of music we offer.  We cannot guarantee any particular number of patrons at any event.

We have basic lighting and sound systems, but we encourage professional artists to provide their own lighting and sound they are accustomed to using.

Interested artists and their representatives are encouraged to view our Concerts and Events Listings and our Events Calendar on our web site to propose programs and dates. For those new to the venue, a tour of the venue can be arranged at convenient times. We also have a set of guidelines to be followed when using the space.

For further information, or to schedule a concert, play, event, exhibit, or tour, please write to Events Manager at


1867 Sanctuary Committee
Preservation New Jersey