1867 Sanctuary Committee

In consultation with the Preservation New Jersey Board and with the Presbytery of New Brunswick (with whom Preservation New Jersey holds a 50 year lease for the building), the 1867 Sanctuary Committee was responsible for overseeing all aspects of the restoration and operation of the 1867 Sanctuary at Ewing. In addition to facilities operation and management, this work includes grant writing and management, financial oversight, hiring and oversight of consultants and contractors, fund raising, publicity and outreach, and planning, scheduling and supporting events and activities. Members of the 1867 Sanctuary Committee serve at no remuneration, completely and totally out of love and dedication to returning this historic landmark to use by and for the community.

The 1867 Sanctuary Committee was formed in 2012 under the leadership of its first chair, the late David K. Knights, at that time also the President of Preservation New Jersey. David’s zeal, encouragement, dedication and direct experience in restoring historic properties set a high standard for the work of the 1867 Sanctuary Committee. David’s passing in September 2013 was a great loss to the 1867 Sanctuary Committee, to Preservation New Jersey, and to New Jersey’s historic preservation community in general. We endeavor to honor David’s memory by successfully maintaining this landmark he worked so hard to preserve and protect as a legacy.

Another monumental loss to our committee was the sudden passing of Rebecca Lovett in September of 2016. Becky was also a passionate supporter of our mission,  a dear friend to all of us, and tireless volunteer.  Memorial funds given in her name are being used to create a welcoming place for visitors at the entrance to the Sanctuary, in celebration of her welcoming and loving ways.

The 1867 Committee would not be in existence without the past help other former Preservation New Jersey staff  – Ron Emrich, Stephanie Cherry-Farmer, Tiwanda White-Pinkston, and Janice Armstrong. We thank them for their very early guidance, support, and encouragement.

The 1867 Sanctuary Committee consisted of very active volunteers, all of whom have contributed, and continue to contribute substantially to this effort in many ways:

  • Bob Kull, Chair, Member, PNJ Board
  • Ruth Ann Gribbin
  • Kathleen Jordan
  • Helen Kull
  • Alex Otey
  • Dale Perry
  • Emily Manz, PNJ Executive Director, ex officio

Additionally, The Rev. Paul Rhebergen serves as the Liaison to the Presbytery of New Brunswick; and Barton Ross, President of the Board of Preservation New Jersey, served as an ex officio member of the Committee. We also acknowledge past and current members of the Preservation New Jersey Board, particularly Michael Mills, John Hatch, Megan Thomas, Michael Margulies, Jack Abgott, Michael Hanrahan and Scot Pannepacker for their past and current guidance and sharing of their experience and expertise.

In addition to the 1867 Sanctuary Committee members, we also acknowledge and appreciate the work of the many volunteers who have played important roles in organizing, publicizing, and staffing the many activities and events associated with the 1867 Sanctuary over the years. Preservation New Jersey is grateful for their time, effort, and the care so freely and earnestly given toward the restoration and operation of this historic building that means so much to them and to their community.

On December 17, 2020 the Board of Preservation New Jersey dissolved the 1867 Sanctuary Committee and assigned its roles to the full Preservation New Jersey Board.