1867 Sanctuary at Ewing
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Jazz Music Series
Jazz Music Series
at the 1867 Sanctuary at Ewing

New Jersey Jazz Society

Preservation New Jersey is pleased that the New Jersey Jazz Society (NJJS) is co-sponsoring jazz events at the 1867 Sanctuary. We encourage fans of our jazz concerts and jazz musicians to join NJJS at www.njjs.org so they receive their award-winning Jersey Jazz journal 11 times a year and other special benefits, including a $5 discount on tickets to Jazz Music Series concerts at the 1867 Sanctuary at Ewing!

Click on links for further information, and to purchase tickets for upcoming concerts:


1/6/17, 7:30 pm: Piano Jazz Jam, Steve Kessler and Friends

1/15/17, 3 pm: Piano Jazz, Luiz Simas

1/28/17, 7 pm: Modern Jazz, Jack Furlong Quartet

1/29/17, 3 pm: Modern Jazz, McMillan & Co.

2/4/17, 8 pm: Jazz/R&B, L Town Express

2/26/17, 3 pm: Legendary Jazz Quartet, Odean Pope (Sax), Gloria Galante (Jazz Harp), Alan Nelson (Drums), Fred Vandenberg (Bass)

4/01/17, 8 pm: Piano Jazz, Joe Holt

4/02/17, 3 pm: Brazilian Piano Jazz, Luiz Simas

5/6/17, 8 pm: Michelle Wiley and Friends, A Tribute to Nina Simone (Hue Entertainment)

5/12/17, 8 pm: Johnny Mercer Swing Jazz, Swingadelic

5/20/17, 8 pm: EMQ Plays TV Themes, Eric Mintel Quartet

6/03/17, 8 pm: Modern Jazz, Jack Furlong Quartet

6/11/17, 3 pm: Jazz, Joe Holt

6/24/17, 8 pm: Brazilian Piano Jazz, Luiz Simas


2/7/16: Mardi Gras Jazz, Jerry Rife and Blue Skies

4/8/16: Ortliebs Recollections, Lucas Brown Quartet

4/17/16: This Old House, Trio

4/24/16: It’s All Jazz, from Bop to Pop, Darla Rich Quartet

6/4/16, 7 pm: Fascinating Rhythm Jazz

6/11/16, 7 pm: Notsinatra, Steve Kaplan and 6 Piece Mini Big Band

7/24/16, 3 pm: Jazz, Tom Littwin Trio

7/28/16, 8 pm: Richie's Interpretations of West Side Story, Richie Cole Jazz Quintet

8/5/16, 8 pm: Tribute to Dave Brubeck, Eric Mintel Quartet

8/6/16, 7 pm: Motown, R&B, Blues, and Soul, Big Soul Chicken

8/13/16, 7 pm: Jazz, Funk, Latin, and Rock Blends, McMillan and Company

8/19/16, 8 pm: New Orleans Piano Jazz, Tom McDermott

8/21/16, 3 pm: Jazz Trio, Hazelrigg Brothers

9/10/16, 2 pm: Swing! Swing! Swing!, Danny Tobias Quintet

9/23/16, 8 pm: Jazz, Tom Littwin Trio

9/29/16, 8 pm: Inner Circle Tour, Zach Larmer Band

10/16/16, 3 pm: Swing Jazz, Jerry Rife's Rhythm Kings

10/23/16, 3 pm: Jazz Trio, Hazelrigg Brothers

10/29/16, 7 pm: Jazz/Fusion, Mandragora

11/5/16, 7 pm: Jazz/Blues, Big Soul Chicken

11/12/16, 2 pm: Jazz, Supreme Love Orchestra (POSTPONED TO 2017)

11/19/16, 8 pm: An Evening of Love, Light, and Jazz, Rodney Jones & Friends

11/26/16, 8 pm: Richie Cole Christmas, Richie Cole Quartet

12/3/16, 7 pm: Jazz, Darla Rich Jazz Quartet

12/11/16, 3 pm: A Charlie Brown Christmas, Music of Vince Guaraldi by the Eric Mintel Quartet

12/17/16, 8 pm: Swingin' Christmas Jazz, Joe Plowman and the Grand Slam Trio

March 20, 2017

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