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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way from the Election,
The Voter as "Recovering Victim"

Election Comedy and Comfort

Ron O'Reilly

Saturday, October 22, 2016, 7:00 pm
at the 1867 Sanctuary at Ewing

Ron O'Reilly

Preservation New Jersey is pleased to host an evening of humorous, thought-provoking, non-partisan* storytelling by Ron O’Reilly*
(*Not pro Hillary or pro-Trump, neither pro Republican nor Democrat stories)
in the 1867 Sanctuary at Ewing.


Does it seem to you that this election is between two of the most disliked candidates ever? (Well in your memories, at least). Are you one of those people for whom no current choice is positive or hopeful, and not enough messages are trustable? Then you have been VICTIMIZED. Once again is it the “LESSER OF TWO EVILS” story that victimizes your personal choice in the voting booth.

What stories will accompany you when you pull the lever and set the music of the anticipations you walk to after?

In a more or less democracy it’s the story you’ve chosen, not the politicians', to be loyal to at your voting time.

So what stories will yours be? What stories will you be left with: A dirge of dire predictions of doom, destruction of The American Way, denial of All That’s Holy, damnation, despair, dandruff, or some intestinal malady?

Ron will not suggest bad things will not happen if person x and party Y gets in power, some of them probably will! But as Peggy Lee sang “Is That All There Is?”

Ron’s stories are a more positive belief in voting and outcome. For this performance Ron’s opponents are not politicians but the despair, doom and distrust we might feel trapped in.

Join us in a fun evening of storytelling that will provide some lighthearted comfort from ages past and present and some corrective wisdom too!

Ron is a Professional Story-Teller, Personal Historian, and founder of Stories Worth Repeating from People Worth Listening To www.stories-worth-repeating.com


Ron’s storytelling career began at three years old when his dad asked how the ashtray got emptied into the goldfish bowl. As an adult his story skills were honed when bosses would ask why his paperwork wasn’t done. Ron grew up in Reading, Pennsylvania, one of three Socialist cities in the country at that time, (their newspaper was printed on pink newsprint). At one time the mayor's brother-in-law reportedly made moonshine three or four blocks from City Hall. There is a trolley route that ran the wrong way on a one-way street. Therein lies many stories including Ron’s becoming what social philosopher Krishnamurti termed “otherwise minded”. If most people around Ron were seeing a situation as “white”, he would tell stories of “black”. If “black” became the common belief, he would tell stories of “white.”. (Social popularity has always eluded Ron.)

In a pink town Ron’s family was blue-collar, lace-curtain Irish. They lived, struggled, endured, hoped and died by sweat and stories. Grandma ran a restaurant and boarding house, grandpop was a trolley car driver and union organizer, he was also a “macher” (Yiddish for political maker) for his party’s aspirants.

Ron’s Dad was a visionary, self-taught quality control engineer, and the grounding for Ron's sense of civic righteousness and political responsibility. He was a deputy sheriff and member of the school board for four years before he got his high school diploma at night school and Ron got to see him get it. Within his party he was a moral gadfly and twice received threats on his life for supporting the other party’s candidate over the machine’s. He once worked two full time jobs because he didn’t believe in bankruptcy. Eventually Ron has lost awe of people who have commas in their bank accounts.


Ron has held many jobs, some lasting for as long as three weeks. He has worked as a shoe salesman, chemical-technician, embalmer’s assistant, jumped out of an airplane, delivered a baby, psych-hospital therapist, clergy person, clinical director at a locked residential treatment facility, hospice volunteer, candy maker and spy, college teacher, social-worker for seniors. Ron once ran for office to avoid town officials choosing the personnel but then voted for the other guy who knew more what was needed and how to get it. Ron majored in chemical engineering until the advanced physics professor gave him a “4” (How does one earn 4 on an exam?) and asked if it was worthwhile for him to continue the course, (20 minutes later Ron became a sociology major.) Ron then earned the equal of two Masters degrees and abd in counselling philosophy and psychology.


Ron was forced to read his three sisters to sleep, including the obstinate one. Ron’s two sons were a more rewarding audience, and Ron hears his invented stories of “Penelope the Ping Pong Ball and Her Nemesis., The Cat! being passed along. When he and Laurie were courting he’d call her every night with a story to fall asleep with (which was supposed to happen after the story ended). In addition to Ron’s academic teaching in (psychology, philosophy, anthropology and myth), and his practice as psychotherapist, storytelling has been a source and delivery for Ron’s coaching and workshops in salesmanship, corporate culture.


Our stories are our hopes and despair. In our imagination lies our humanity and our fears and hopes.

People are the measurers of all things and the rulers they use are the stories they tell themselves and each other.

Ron’s Professional Services

Stories Worth RepeatingRon O’Reilly
18 Losey Rd.
Ringoes, NJ 08551-1206
(remember the hyphens)

Ron interviews, records, and produces personal stories.

Significant people share accounts of themselves, families, organizations, businesses and communities.

He helps them remember and talk in first-person “I language”.

Listeners in the future can hear again the voice and expressions as they share recollections of:
their life and times,
work and contributions,
achievements and set-backs
relationships and associations,
wit and wisdom.

He retrieves and records their history and sense of person before time and memory fades. The stories may be produced as audio or video files, as books, as entries to a family dedicated website.

Persons who work with Ron often fall in love with themselves again for experiences they may not have thought of for a long time. Listeners get to hear the shapes and colors of the leaves on their family tree.

Stories Worth Repeating


Ron works with people who are becoming parents for their first time. Singles, same gender, deliberate or accidental, any age, anyone wanting to carry a pregnancy through (even though they might give the baby up), first time adoptive or fostering. The emphasis is on the adults’ experiences and growth.

So many conversations will be about the person who is going to arrive that not much attention will be given to the persons who are already here in the world. But these becoming parents are going through changes in identity and self-understanding. Many remarkable experiences and shifts in awareness will happen to these persons , they may think they’ll “never forget” what it was like. But they will--at least some of the immediacy of what they’re going through.

In the recordings the child will also have a real time report of “How did I get here?” AND who Mom and Dad (or whoever) were like before they became “Mom” and “Dad”. Most kids have long delayed time before sensing their parents as persons in their own right distinct from their roles, some never do. Ron does three phases of recordings:
the “expecting” months,
the sounds and words of arriving and greeting in the birthing room birth or entering into the nest,
and later some interview around how each of the parents’ life experience has changed.

The roles of parents are to protect and provide for not only the physical and personal nurturance, but also for their how their child learns to become and take place among humans. People recording their experiences of becoming a parent is a good humanizing witness from which to learn. Among all the gifts we give expecting people, like onesies and strollers, this is much longer-lasting and useful. When the child asks the usual kid question, or wonders during adolescent sexual turmoil, or when the parents and the child leave the nest, eventually reaching their eighties, these recordings will still be a most precious and personal gift.

Grand-parents to be would do well to give their children the gift of recognition and welcoming into the sorority and fraternity of parenting by giving the recordings of “And Baby Makes Three”. Very close friends who know very personally the people who are to become parents could get together to give this very intimate gift.

It does last a lifetime! Or maybe two or three.

Tickets are $20 for General Admission, $15 for Friends of the Sanctuary, and only $5 for school and college students with ID. Tickets may be purchased online below by selecting your ticket option and clicking on the "Buy Now" link to use credit or debit card or your PayPal account. If ordering two or three ticket types, each type must be purchased in a separate order. You will receive an email confirmation of each purchase. Online tickets will be held at the box office; please print and bring your receipt in case it is needed to confirm your purchase.

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Tickets may be reserved at the box office for payment by cash, check or credit card by calling 609-392-6409 or emailing 1867sanctuary@preservationnj.org. Tickets may also be purchased at the door as space allows.

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October 3, 2016

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